Hospital Ignoring Requests for a Letter of Disability

Everyone here knows how MS can effect a life, a person and a home. My husband has shown to have progressing MS, and though it is still relapsing/remitting, it is starting to show signs that it could be much worse if not handled properly.

I have been desperately trying to get a letter from his neurologists saying he is disabled, so he can get on disability and focus on his health, until then I am working two jobs.

I have not received any letter, phone call or confirmation that they even received my request. For more than 6 months we have been waiting, and when we failed to get him disability the first time, the hospital told the disability folks that he has MS…that is all. Something they already clearly knew from his medical records.

I have started a petition to try to urge the hospital to produce a letter explaining him as permanently disabled. If he is forced to work, when he has clearly worsened, his MS will progress and I am scared he will die too soon.

Please sign this petition to help my husband, explain why it’s important. The government doesn’t see MS the way we do.

Thank you.

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have you tried welfare rights? usually situated in the town hall.

they are great for helping fill those mammoth forms in.

I dont believe that you can get a letter that just says someone is disabled.

if you are hoping your hubby can be put on ESA or PIP, then you need to get the forms, from the DWP, fill them in with help from a suitable agent, send letters of support from neuros, GPs, whoever has been giving medical attention to your hubby, and then wait for their response.



Hi Qwertywolf

My hubbys ms nurse did us a letter that explains everying and supported us if you have an ms nurse they are always helpful with this. Most have one made a quick template.

you can also ask the consultant secretary if she or he would copy you in on the clinic update so when your go gets the hi seen such and such in clinic today etc you get the copy it used to be standard but now you have to ask to be copied in.

Gp can send you copies ours is really helpful now.

hope this helps I understand how the red tape stuff grinds you down


Yes, Red Tape.

The Neurologists/Hospitals are not contracted to write letters for the DWP - GPs are.

Talk to your GP or MS Nurse to get him a care plan written.

GPs are paid £33 by the DWP for a Factual Report which covers disability and work etc.,.

Your care plan will be free - but a letter of support for PIP may be about £12. Mine was.


Hi Quertywolf

The way the benefits etc system works today it’s not a matter of being ‘certified disabled’, nor is it a question of having a diagnosis confirmed and thereby ticking certain boxes meaning that official criteria are fulfilled.

In terms of state benefits, it’s more about symptoms and abilities rather than labels.

So the fact that your husband’s neurologist won’t write a letter, that to be frank wouldn’t gain you anything, shouldn’t cause you much of a problem.

Have a look at Sick or disabled people and carers - Citizens Advice for more information about how to qualify for state benefits.