Who do I need to inform that I have MS

Hi Everyone Can someone please let me know who I need to inform that I have MS. Today I have sent an email to the DVLA as I drive, I will contact my car insurance company as well as my life insurance providers on Monday, is there anyone else? Thanks Deborah

You don’t need to tell your life insurance, etc. You didn’t have it when you took the policy out and they based it on your medical history at that point. You would only need to declare it if you take out a new policy or increase your cover.

I don’t think anyone other than the DVLA and car insurance need to know right now.

…actually, if you have critical illness cover you will need to tell them as they should pay out on a diagnosis of MS.

Thanks Zedsee that’s useful, I won’t tell me life insurance company as unfortunately I don’t have critical illness cover, mores the pity.

I didn’t have critical illness cover either! I had already had optic neuritis (not dx at that time though) when I applied and they turned me down flat! Turns out they were right, but would have been nice to not have a mortgage… hey ho!

Nope, I didn’t have it either but then I didn’t buy a house until after I was diagnosed. And I probably wouldn’t have taken it anyway as I was one of those people who was never ill!

The Insurance Company will ask you if you have informed the DVLA. That is all they’ll be interested in.