Diagnosed today

Hi All,

Just diagnosed this morning, much to my great relief. I was starting to think my symptoms were all in my head (although the MRI would confirm this!).

Glad to join the gang as you all seem so positive and a friendly bunch.

I have informed my travel insurance (holiday booked in 3 weeks) and have downloaded the form for DVLA and told my car insurance and my boss. Can anyone think of anyone else I should be informing of my diagnosis?

Going on holiday; don’t forget your EHIC Card; you will need insurance as well. The card will pay for medical costs incurred but does not pay for repatriation cost e.g. flight home.

If you have a mortgage; pos have ‘critical illness’ cover; if so claim.

Hi Helena, (love your name)

Glad to read that you found the diagnosis a relief. it affects folk in so many ways.

You`re getting on with the necessary things and have a holiday to look forward to.

Keep chatting on here and it`s good to know the forum helps.

luv Pollx

Hi Helena, Welcome! Do you have critical illness cover hun? If you do you can most likely claim on it. Most have a time limit of 3 months from diagnosis day. Good luck xx

Wow, thanks, I didn’t think MS was “critical” but will certainly look into it as paying the mortgage is my biggest worry

Just thought of another question, I’m going to be starting DMDs, do we have to pay for these? I’m thinking if we do I should buy one of those yearly advance prescription thingys (can’t remember the name, good ole MS!)

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but welcome to the forum (not sure if you’re new here or if you’ve posted before) but everyone here is generally a friendly bunch. The only people that you need to inform officially are: DVLA, car insurance, travel insurance. If you have any critical illness cover then contact them as soon as possible as you have a time frame within which to claim. Officially you don’t need to inform anyone else but it’s good you’ve informed your boss as then they can make reasonable adjustments for you. Other than that legally you don’t need to inform anyone else. You may know this part already but you don’t need to stop driving while waiting for your reviewed driving license you can carry on driving unless your doctor/consultant has confirmed otherwise. You will get a 3 year reviewable license from the DVLA but this can take months and I think in some people’s case it’s been a year of them waiting for it. Good luck with everything :slight_smile:

Hi, No you don’t have to pay for your dmds but that is it as far as meds go being free unless you are on a low income. Your other prescriptions as charged as normal. My ms nurse referred me to occ therapy and they came out to assess me and gave me a perching stool, bath seat and shower board. That was free and physio are going to sort me out with a stick which is free too. I applied for a blue badge and got one without assessment and clained for dla which was awarded ( it’s pip now and not income assessed). I told my car insurance which doesn’t incurr any extra premium and the dvla and am,now on a 3 year license. I told work as I work full tine in a school. They are good about it. That’s all really but make sure you claim your critical illness cover. I am mortgage free, debt free and have a brand new xaravan so holodays with the kids are sorted aged 39 and mortgage free! Good luck if you want to chat just message me x