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I was diagnosed with ms yesterday and am waiting on a appointment to see a specialist in Leeds To talk about dmd… One thing that the neuro said was I did not need to inform dvla when she looked thought my notes. … But would need to inform insurance companies …ie etc But I thought I would need to tell the dvla…??? Merry Christmas all Cheers

hi scottmarc

you DO need to inform DVLA and your insurance company.

your insurance premiums won’t go up.

your neuro needs a spot of training!

good luck

carole x

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Is there anything else I need to do?? as I’ve just come home and im expected to know haha

The DVLA and car insurance are the urgent ones unless you are about to go off on holiday in which case you would need to tell your travel insurers too.

I am sorry that you have joined the MS club.


Not off on holiday no so don’t need to worry about that . Saying that I’ve finished work for Christmas now so I’m sure the missus will keep me busy with jobs ha We were hoping to buy another house next year but not sure they will give me a mortgage any body had problems?

Hi, I have MS and also work for a bank in the mortgage area. There is no way a reputable lender should turn you down for a mortgage if you have MS. The normal lending criteria will apply, credit rating, salary, loan to value, affordability etc but disability should not matter. All banks have a vulnerable customer/borrower policy which should include the new lending to disabled people who can show mortgage affordability. Hope that helps. PS, yes you do need to advise the DVLA.

Thanks pops good info … Im going to ring dvla then . Any other advise for a new diagnosis? Cheers

It’s early days for you so the most important thing is listen to your own body. If you need to rest then do it, if you need to take a painkiller then do it. Personally I refused to let MS take over and I carry on to the best of my ability. Take any freebies you get offered, work out for yourself how you want to deal with the disease and don’t listen to people who p**s you off. The disease is different for everyone so don’t judge other people with MS. It’s tough but there are good times too.


You shouldn’t have any getting-a-mortgage problems on account of the MS, but insurance against falling sick and not being able to pay it is likely to be a different story, I’m afraid.

On a brighter note, if you are in any doubt about what insurance protections you have already, do check. MS is a qualifying condition for most critical illness policies, mortgage insurance policies and similar; if you just happened to have one of those, it would be good news, and I dare say you could do with a bit of that just now.


Great theory pops. Thanks for your input

I’ve just been diagnosed too last Friday. At least I think I was. Doctor said he was 85%-90% sure that I likely had it. He told me to inform DVLA and my life insurance company. So I’ve just taken it as I have early symptoms. Still don’t really understand what it is even though I’ve been reading up on it. He’s referring me to the ms nurses now to keep an eye on me.


Reading and researching to be informed is good just try to remember that no two cases are identical,so there are no 100% definite “this how it will be for you” Keep informed whilst trying not to speculate about the bad stuff. Get a team that you trust, having confidence in your MS nurse and neurologist reduces the stresses.

All the best Mick

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I will do. I’m just carrying on as I normally would do.

Thank you.

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How long from diagnosis to getting dmd did people have to wait? Cheers

Hi Scott, I was officially diagnosed in September and started on Tysabri mid November.

OK thanks not long then really. … How you finding the dmd ?

Early days only had 2 infusions. Felt awful for a couple of days after each infusion but that soon subsided. Not felt any different to how I felt 3 months ago but as I say, early days. Stick with it and hope it helps. It’s not going to improve things hugely, it’s meant to slow down the disease.

Great info thanks … This might sound a really stupid question …but when you are diagnosed do you get some sort of proof card or something . Basically if I had to prove I had ms to any body how is it done? Cheers

No real proof. You can get a letter from your Neuro or GP. You can get a card off of the MS society which says you have MS, you can keep it in your wallet. You can try to claim a blue badge for parking assistance. You can tell some people and they won’t believe you or you can decide to keep it to yourself, your choice. Personally I’m happy for people to know, I find it easier that way.

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One last thing to say Scott, don’t be afraid to ask anything you like on this forum. Nobody promises to know the answers but people will always try or will send their support anyway they can. I have only been in it a couple of months but people like Tina, Carole, Polly, Sue, Geoff and many more have been a great support or as a minimum have allowed me to have a bad day without question. They are good people Scott so use them if you want to, I have!