I would be very grateful for some advice regarding telling the DVLA and car insurance.

I was recently got my DX as RRMS and drive a company car that is insured by them. I understand I have to tell the DVLA that I have MS but really dont want my work to know I have it. My company also has a system of checking with the DVLA for changes in peoples driving licenses (number of points etc)

Does anyone know or are in my situation if I need to inform my insurance company (my companys)?

Any advice would be great and very gratefully received.

Keep positive

I don’t know a specific answer, but when I received my 3 year limited license after dx I rang my insurance company and told them. Their reply was that as long as the DVLA have given you a license and think you are fit to drive then that’s okay by us and your health is not our concern. Of course that makes sense, unless of course, the driving you do for your company involves passengers or heavy goods. Hope this helps a little? Pat x

It’s probably best to give the DVLA a call and ask them. It seems to me to be a breach of privacy for an employer to be able to find out that we have a neurological disorder without our permission so they need to take your question very seriously. (You don’t have to give your name when you call.) Two things though: You have to inform the DVLA - no choice in the matter I’m afraid. Why do you not want to inform your employer? MS is covered by The Equality Act so you are protected from discrimination and must legally be provided with help to allow you to stay in work. You don’t have to tell everyone; just HR usually. If there’s a promotion in the offing I’d probably wait though, just in case! Karen x