Which type Magnesium ?

Over there years I’ve tried many types of Magnesium, and if I’m honest I never really felt a benefit, but as my MS has progressed I’m think perhaps now if I found the “right one” there may be some benefit ?

The last few I tried was Solga Chelated Magnesium ( as bisglycinate) which just gave me horrendous headaches !

Before that it was Solga Magnesium Citrate, again I saw no benefits.

Lately though I’ve reading a lot about magnesium l-threonate, which apparently is a newer type of magnesium that has some very good write ups ?

My questions though are is it any good to help with symptoms of MS compared to other types of magnesium ?

Does anyone use it ?

What sort of dosages ?

Any advice appreciated.


holland and barrett do a spray which is fab for cramps or spasms.

a lot of things are absorbed more easily through the skin.

my dad had to use a testosterone spray and his partner lovingly rubbed it onto his thighs.

she stopped when she saw that she was growing a beard!


My question about magnesium spray is whether it’s oily/greasy? Because if you need to get FES electrode pads to stick to the skin the next day, you don’t want to have any residual grease on the skin. I’m fed up with spasms waking me up. Magnesium citrate has a laxative effect which I don’t want. If chelated magnesium can give headaches, that’s a bad idea, I already get enough headaches. And just lately my beloved Cloneazepam isn’t lasting all night. Initially it was wonderful, but I suspect I’m developing too much tolerance. And I can’t increase the dosage (not allowed and it’s a bad idea.) (Love that about the beard Carole!) Sue

I think what ever works for you is best and a bit of experimenting is the only way to establish the correct type/amount. On the site below it’s suggested to avoid the cheap type I take, despite the fact it works perfectly well. Mind you, I might follow your example and try one a little more absorbable.


Good advice on that site whammel

Hi I use Magnesium oil spray and find it great for my restless legs and aching heel pad and legs . I find it a dry oil as I have noticed my heels , legs and my right hand (that I use to rub in oil) !really dry so I have to use a moisturiser on them . Seton girl

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Ha ha ha! That made me laugh. Is it this one Carol, I’m having problems with cramps in my calves which I haven’t had for years.