When you realise something is wrong.

Hello from a sunny Crowborough.

I love the internet. It saves me from having to search for instruction manuals. After one You Tube tutorial, I can now sort out the filters on the Dyson.

What I really wanted to share was a significant part of my history plus the use of a good metaphor.

Best wishes, Steve.

Steve, I sailed that voyage with you, with every word you wrote. Your writing is just so great.

Now I want to kidnap you (I used to live in Polegate so know Crowborough well. I’m sure I could find you!) and bring you to my house. You can cook me one of your cullinary delights (while I watch in awe), then you can tell me your stories over a Guinness and we’ll sail the seven seas.

Cheers for that. Loved it.


Lovely writing as usual. And nice metaphor. But did you have to stick that bloody ear worm in my head? Now I’m going to be Ferrying Cross the bloody Mersey all day.


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Or rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby…thanks steve

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Sue, can’t you just see his fat face singing it right now.


What a fantastic read!

Just what I need to think about as I count down the sleeps to my mini cruise next month.