An ordinary day.


I had an ordnary but reassuring day today. Here is my account if you wish to read it.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Thank me for reading? Thank you for writing!

Probably the best use of a couple of minutes of today was just spent reading your ‘account’.

Well done!


Love your writing Steve.

Incidentally, I have this lovely image in my head now…Steve Snore Zzzzzz. Sorry. It’s late and I should be going to bed! :slight_smile:


loved your account of life in a place that you love.

if it is made into a drama, can i have a role please?

norah batty? my stockings are all out of wrinkles.

carole x


Carol, I’m building up the image.

I remember once going to Nora Batty’s house in Holmfirth.


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This is such a delight to read. It feels like the opening page of a novel.

Please, please keep on writing :slight_smile:


Yeh, an easy pleasant read. Thankyou.

Talking about passing conversations when about and about, can I share a recent one of mine?

On Tuesday I went with my lovely carer Bev, to Morrisons. The lift to the car park was out of order.

Oh Flumps! we said and headed off to circumnavigate the store, to get into the car park where we were being collected.

I didnt mind the extra mileage, not as if my feet hurt or legs are tiring, is it, when in my wheelie?

So we had to pass a couple of factories and Wildax…the makers of bespoke wheelchair accessible campervans (oh what memories of the days when we enjoyed such (ahem) pleasures in such vehicles!!!

I digress as I smile to myself…anyway, opposite these factories, is a dry stone wall and sitting atop of this walling was a collection of factory lads, enjoying their sarnies in the sunshine (yeh, our bit of Yorkshire does get sunny, y`know!).

The pavement narrowed a bit and I knew Id never get past all these dangling legs with torn jeans, grubby overalls and hobnail boots (no clogs mind!). So as I neared them, I said in my best Yorkshire accent, to the legs owners, Nah then lads, Im gonna ave to ask ya to raise them legs, so as I can get passed, please.

Then I was right beside them and looked at the first, winked and said,Now if I catch any of your legs on me chair, Ill av to tek ya oame wi me and youll never get out again!`

Tell ya, ya can get away wiowt when your 60+ and in a wheelchair! I got a few smiles andYor alright luv!`




poll you could write a screenplay too.

i love a good drama especially if my own tribe star in it!

my tribe are other people with ms.

carole x

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Steve, do you take your Tramper in to shops? I find the turning circle too large and combined with my now injudicious throttle control,the safer option is to sit outside grinning like the idiot I am, However if the tides and sunshine cooperate I will go wild on the beach tomorrow. Unfortunately my Tramper is not quick enough to keep up with any playful dogs.


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Hello Mick.

I take it into the supermarket but for everything else I do the grinning outside the door. The Tramper is brilliant on the beach but you’re right about the speed.


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MS Life 2017 (I know I know…) in Crowborough!

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