trip out!

hi all.

On Sunday morning, we had the most beautiful blue sky, with a lovley warmth.

My sleepover carer, sis Chris, was going to her daughter`s, who lives high up in a beautiful rural area above Hebden Bridge.

Ive never been to see where she lives, as hubby wont take me. Our`s is the only means of transport that can take me anywhere.

I had put on a summery purple dress, with matching jewellery, just `cos I felt like it.

Then sis got a call telling her there would be a bbq. I said, Can I come please?

Of course the answer was a positive one and then my cogs had to whirr quickly, as I planned how I would get there.

I asked hubby if he needed the van at all and he scowled at me, asking Why? He was an unhappy chappie, thinking I wanted him to ake me to the countryside, up narrow roads and lanes…which he hates with a vengeance!

Nah, not at all. I got bro-in-law to drive our van, which he does when we go to Blackers, with me in my chariot in the back.

Anyroad, what a wonderful day I had. My niece lives in a cottage, down a track where there are just 2 neighbours. Her 2 boys played out all day…the youngest wearing just his underpants and wellies…bootiful for a 4 year old.

The Calderdale patchwork view is amazing! The day was fab and I had 3 glasses of wine! Whooeee! Imagine!

Right at the back of the cottage is the Calderdale Way footpath. Guess who I saw there?

Paddy from Emmerdale! I shouted out Paddy! Aye up! he turned round gave me a wave and a smile. nice!

Yeh, a super day all round. I didnt get home till nearly 7pm…oooh, what a dirty stop out!

luv Pollx

Sounds lovely :slight_smile:

That sounds the most lovely day Poll!

3 glasses of wine?

chatting up Paddy from Emerdale?

Who needs hubby to have a good time eh?

Sounds like you had a fabulous day Poll. Hebden Bridge and the surrounding area is beautiful, love the buildings and the shops. It’s a long time since I’ve been there

Noreen xx

As, lovely. Some beautiful countryside up there, I miss the views there. Glad you had a great time xx

Glad you enjoyed your unexpected trip. Glad you solved the transport. It is very difficult to be able to organise these type of trips, it really frustrates me I have to plan and be organised to accommodate aids etc. I had a nice break away last week. I thought of you when I got my mobility scooter stuck in the mud, I had to get off it onto crutches as there was going to be no way my mum would be able move with me on board. My crutches were getting stuck as well. As I was struggling I was thinking Poll would have the words to describe this to make me laugh. Which kept me going until I could get back on the scooter. :relaxed: Take care Barney

That’s lovely poll, sometimes unplanned days out are better than things we’ve been planning for months! Hope to hear of some more x

Sounds like an awesome day out. Good on you poll x

Some lovely shots of Hebden Bridge in the Happy Valley drama last night Poll :slight_smile:

Sounds wonderful!

Cheers all.

Happy Valley finished last night and wow oh ow! What a fantastic drama…the best ever I reckon!

I wanna see more stuff with Sarah Lancashire in. This is such a far cry from her days as dopey Raquel in Corrie.

Did she already win some awards fo this show? I have heard she has, but would like to know for defo.

Barney, your tale is a good one that I probably would`ve written a story about.

luv Polx

Poll sounds great, I wrote a great big long reply and somehow lost it so sorry short reply but all typed out XXX Don

Poll my post I lost said about what a great day you had and I linked to my Disabled Don blog so you could read about my trip out last Saturday.

I tell everyone I go for a walk but it’s a push really and I don’t even do the pushing. I had a great time and it sound like you did as well. Makes you feel so much better, I can’t wait for the next time. X Don

I am in bed writing this on my kindle feeling sleepy even though I have been asleep nearly all day.

Hi Don, cheers for your reply. Good to know you enjoy your days out too.

Yes, I say walk when I really mean wheel too!

luv Pollyx

Sounds lovely! Can’t beat some lovely country air! Jealous of you seeing Paddy. I’m slightly obsessed with emmerdale :-0 xx

Its my fav soap!