Good morning Everyone! I know its early & Saturday but I needed to share with the only people who can understand what I am saying & the enormous importance of it!!

For the 1st time today, (in what seems forever!) I have woken up feeling almost “normal”! (as near to normal as I can be!) no dizzies & the pain is bearable. The “monster” has relaxed its grip & called a truce. How long will it last, I dont know but for now I am going to enjoy this moment!

With a heartfelt wish, I hope everyone will have at least one precious, priceless moment today, that will make you smile and feel better. Hoping we all have a good day (even if it is raining!!) Tracey xx


Fantastic!!! I had a similar experience this week! Several years ago I burnt my hand on the cooker-smelling the skin burning before I felt the pain-its been like that since-glass in foot,saw the blood but didnt feel a thing etc etc. Twice this week I have cut my hand-again, saw the blood but felt nowt. HOWEVER I burnt my eblow on the toater and felt a wee nip! I was delighted to feel the pain!

Its persisitent raiin here but who cares-I am off to spend the night at the monastery-bliss

May your good spell continue…

Ellie x

Thank you!! Have just driven my beloved car!!! Wahoo!! xx

Hi Tracey, it was lovely reading your post this morning, it is nice to read positive things as they help all us msers think tes we can have good days. Enjoy your driving and hope you have lots of days like this ahead of you. Karen xxx

I still remember what normal feels like…just!


So glad for you, Tracey. “Good” days are wonderful.

Great news Tracey- enjoy the feeling - a good day is something to shout about.

My good moment today - my Olympic tickets arrived. Athletics stadium. Will be a really hard day

with all the travelling and walking but seats nearest the entrance and Stratford station.

It’s my main goal at the moment to get there and have a fantastic day.

Hope everyone has one good moment today.

Jen x

Bless you all!!! Its been so long I am elated today!!! Even my family are chuffed!! Makes the dark days easier to come through, almost worth feeling so bad to come out feeling like this!! Hope you all have a really good day, we do win the battle sometimes!!! Tracey xx

good for you. I have spent the last 3 months fealing “normal” and i am loving it and touch wood it aint gonnaa end too soon i hope

May the feeling las for months and months if not forever. Enjoy every moment. Live your life, it’s so precious. x

That’s great news Tracy, may it long continue for you. Enjoy it while you may…let’s hope forever.


You lot are priceless, really!!! I know it wont last but today Im me. I wish with all my heart everyone of us can feel like this, even just once. Thank you for all your replies & please let us all know when you all have " the friday feeling!!!" Ill remember this forever thank you!!! xxxx