Is any day uneventful?

Hello from a calm quiet Crowborough.

When people ask me how my week has been, I usually say “Quiet”. Well does quiet mean dull?

It’s the quiet relaxed times when I think back to the recent past and no, it’s not dull. Some things are tedious; like dropping things but even that’s not dull.

My week in writing if you wish to read it:


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Greetings Steve in Crowborough, from Terry in Staffordshire.

It’s not quiet here. Far from it. My analogue wave forms, are cutting the atmosphere to shreds.

It beats a lie, in an MRI.

Keep them words of wisdom coming. Whatever floats your boat & makes you tick.


Hi Steve

Its quiet here today, but only to recoup some energy from a busy week.

Sat in my reclining chair I though I will sew the button back on my trousers while hubby went to get the paper…well I honestly think it would have been easier to organise a military operation.

Your strategy for front lining you cat, sounds the same as for our little Alfie, but I salute you for managing on your own, with our little miniature Yorkie it takes two people! I am sure the smaller they are, the harder the task becomes.

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, take care.

Enjoyed the blog, as usual, thanks.

Pam x

As visual as ever Steve, thanks for sharing your week. :slight_smile:

I never could get on with my bread machine. Always ended up still doughy in the middle and totally agreed with disemboweling it removing the spindle. I like the idea of the food mixer… :slight_smile:

It’s quite here in perthshire this morning just about to deliver my wife and family to the train station

I make our bread in the bread machine mostly some times I use it to make dough and bake in the oven if the paddle stays in I just leave it in it comes out when you come to it .

Good Blog Steve, Ive never been good at making bread but many years ago Lee used to work at the Asda bakery and hes very good at making bread, Molly has been making M and M cookies tonight they were from a packet mix, they tasted good but the only problem with Molly cooking is she leaves such a mess!

Michelle and Frazer xx