Busy busy.

Well that was an active week.

Sunday up to the in-laws, Wednesday to art class and Thursday down at the brother in-law’s. Full on family and young children. Now I’m looking forward to Monday when I can just sit on the sofa whilst Jo is at work and Rose is at nursery. It’s worth getting out and getting knackered just to enjoy doing nothing.

Hope you’re all well. Steve


Hi Steve, that was a busy one… but agree, it’s worth getting out sometimes so you can really enjoy doing nothing!

I went out for lunch with my sister yesterday. What amazes me when I go out now is how noisy everything is. When we were first in the restaurant my ears actually hurt with the noise. But it was good to get out… and great to come back home!

Nice quiet day in store for me today.

Foggy in London.

Have a good day today Steve and enjoy your quiet time tomorrow.

Pat xx

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Hi Steve

You have been busy, glad you enjoyed it, and no w time to relax and chill.

Pam x

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Hi, Steve,

Great that you had a nice time away but its so exhausting especially seeing friends and relatives. Iv’e had a busy week with Molly and Isabelle being off school. On Friday we went on the train with Frazer to Chester to meet up with my sister and two nephews…Im completely exhausted…Im going to have a quieter week this week as they are going back to school

Michelle x

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Sweet Yes, family time is always great but rushes by knackers you out but yes, so worth it

Sonia x

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Hello Steve,

Been on ‘holiday’ all half term, so looking forward to going back Tuesday for a rest !

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Hi Steve, sounds good and always nice to rest quietly as well.