A long week

Hello friends.

The week has been brutal. I enjoyed it but let go a little too much.


Steve, yet again absolutely brilliant. You’ve had a stonker of a week so as you are an honorary ‘lady what lunches’ fill your boots and enjoy! Tippy x

It sounds like a busy week Steve . When are you moving ? Is it far I remember you saying something about moving before I seem to remember Seymour the cat going to a new home. I feel as if we are moving …we’ve been packing boxes of books, Lee loves books …he’s got far too many in fact I told him that he could star in the next hoarders program. We’ve got to move everything from upstairs , the beds furniture, Lee’s office stuff everything! We are having dormers made and an ensuite bathroom for Rosanna with her own bedroom . Rosanna has severe learning difficulties and shes affected by autism more so than Molly . Rosanna lives in care in the community 24 hour . She loves coming home and it will mean that she can come home more often and have her own room . At the moment she shares will Molly but they clash at times. We have called in lots of favours from friends as I can’t do much. I hope that you are feeling better after your hangover. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Good luck with your move Steve, hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Pam x