Do we ever get bored?


Today has the potential to be a nothing day. But how do you avoid it when you don’t really want to do anything? I’m awaiting a delivery so going out is not an option, no-ones’s calling round so I’m on my own and dinner is waiting in the fridge. So I will ramble to find some spark of life which can be injected into the day. In another life, rambling in the countryside gave me lots of positive thinking time. Now I just ramble on. Here is today’s ramble if you wish to read it.



allo…interesting read…

I`m curious…what are you awaiting the delivery of…will it be wrapped in plain brown paper? will it be exciting to blog about? will it be summat so boring, you cant even be bothered to tell us?


will it be so private and personal that you`ll never tell us in a month of sundays?


it better bloody arrive after you`ve sat and waited for it, eh?

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I’m never bored.

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Enjoy the day Steve,

Boredom is for zombies. The junkies need adrenalin rushes.

Pottering about, is where it’s at.


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hiya steve

no! that ‘b’ word has been banned in my house for over 20 years! the kids soon learnt that i would find them a job to do in order to alleviate their predicament! grand daugthers are learning the same!



Hello Steve, I always love your blogs but for some reason I can’t get on the website that they are on , it must be because of all the safety things Lee has installed…its altered what I can go on now . I’ll see if my son can alter it on my phone. Michelle and Frazer xx

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