On the threshold of boredom


I don’t often get bored but the recent weather has meant a week of little activity. It’s only a matter of time before I’m flying round the streets of a small town with the speed of a small ripple in a limpid pond.


Steve, I just love everything you write about whether it’s factual, humorous or descriptive of your life. You’ve got such a wonderful outlook on ‘life with a difference’.

You will let everyone know when your book is released won’t you so we can put our order in at the bookshop!

Tippy x

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Brilliant as always Steve, thanks. Rose must follow you regarding reading and writing, I always believe that if a child enjoys these two subjects they are definitely on their way to enjoying education, so good for her. My life would feel even more empty without my love of books, only on a Kindle now so I can enlarge the text, but just as good.

Enjoy your next trip and parents evening.

Pam x

Love it Steve. I await your writings like a much loved periodical on subscription, waiting for it to drop through the letter box. X

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Thank you for the kind words.

Tippy, I have been writing children’s fiction but no luck with publishers yet!

Here’s a sample:

It’s a short story in need of some fine tuning.

I have written two full novels and three shorter ones.


Well done Steve always like your blogs . It would be nice to see a book released by you. Michelle and Frazer xx