Sherlock rules

Hello peeps. (Someone somewhere used that greeting yesterday and it amused me.)

I’m trying to inflict humour on what has been a difficult week. I had a worrying fall last night; worrying because I think I blacked out. It could be costly. Here is my account if you wish to read it:

Best wishes, Steve

You so remind me of my 6year study English another great play on the words and prose by the way p.s.wasn’t 16 then I was actually 35when I returned to adult classes.mind u you wouldn’t think it when you try and read some of my posts.think it’s called being careless or can I blame my brain fog?..

Aw Steve. What a mystery. How terrible. It is the kind of event that makes you realise how vulnerable we become.

I’m glad you found your pendant and managed to summon the paramedics. It’s making me feel very lucky I have an OH toat least dash into whichever room I’ve fallen in, and to bring me a blanket while waiting for the paramedics.

I do hope you’ve no lasting ill effects from the bash on the head. Clearly your writing hasn’t suffered.

But why, may I ask are your socks being left to fend for themselves? Unmatched socks!!

Sue x

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Love your blogs, and look forward to the next, though this experience sounded pretty horrendous. Che palle!