When to contact DVLA


I am “in limbo” having been diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome / isolated clinical event including lesions on MRI.

I know you have to notify DVLA if you receive a definite clinical diagnosis of MS - but what are my obligations in this limbo stage? I want to comply with the law, but worry about the effect on my insurance if I contact DVLA without being obliged to do so.

I do not believe that my symptoms impede my driving at present.

Can antbody offer advice?




I’m pretty sure you are not under any obligation to notify the DVLA until you have a confirmed diagnosis. Infact, my GP urged me not to do anything official until I was given my diagnosis.

However, I am not an expert on this, and I’m sure someone will be able to confirm for sure

Hope this helps

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Hi silverlining I’m not sure whether this falls under the DVLA disclosable conditions but I would given them a quick ring to check…better be safe than sorry !! What I DO know because I work in law is that contrary to popular belief, you DO need to notify your motor insurance company of a change in health circumstances as, should you be involved in an accident and it transpires that you had not declared a health condition, your insurance can and often is invalid. At very worse you can subsequently be charged with uninsured driving. Because of doubts cast over this on previous occasions, I double checked this legal standpoint with a road traffic police officer a couple of days who confirmed it to be correct. Xx

Hi, just adding to the above comments, your insurance premium will NOT be increased. It’s just a disclosure thing and they don’t use it as an excuse to load your insurance costs!

Traitsy and MrsH are both right - follow their advice.