When Mobility Aids turn Bad

Thought I would share my blog this morning. It happened.

I am writing my journey with MS, but adding stuff to it as well.

This morning I wrote what happened to me on Wednesday, hope you enjoy it.

i just got a blank page, it could be your link not working or more likely to be me and my computer skills!

Blank page also .

I tried copying the link and removing the s from https. Secure links sometimes cause problems. Unfortunately it didn’t work in this case. WordPress seems to insist on being a secure site.

HI GUYS will this work…

That link works.

OMG! What a nightmare!! I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt. You are right, though. Any mobility equipment should be well cared for, including servicing where appropriate. Insurance is something that we often don’t think about when it comes to mobility aids.

You seemed surprised that you hung on to the monster when it started misbehaving. In a way, I’m not. There seems to be a reflex reaction that keeps us hanging on to something when things go wrong. Years ago (before MS) I fell out of the raft while white water rafting. When they fished me out, I was still clutching the paddle as if my life depended on it.

Hope you recover from your mishap soon. Have fun with your new scooter.

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omg that must have been so scary to fall out of a raft. I expect your life did depend on that paddle hun.

glad you managed to read it anyway. My poor leg and foot still hurts but the swelling is starting to go down now. x

Ouch and I’d quite agree with the wise words re insurance. They are b@~#ds to get money out of mind! My motor on the wheelchair just broke down. Important Bolt just sheared off, cue panic in the town centre! Waiting for a part from France now.

Frustrating cuz my other one does not go on buses, so having to hire at Shopmobility a few times.

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