When did yoga become so hard?!

I finally made it to a yoga session last night - my first one since 9th December! Yoga classes are held at a local school and there are no classes in school holidays as the hall would be too cold. We missed 16th December in favour of a yoga class Christmas supper party and I then missed the first two lessons of the new year while I was recovering from my operation. I was really looking forward to going last week but I caught a rotten cold and was so congested that deep breathing exercises were completely out of the question.

I am still a bit congested and chesty but decided to go anyway last night (I have rhinitis and asthma and will be stuffed up and coughing until Easter!). Oh my word! It was like my very first session! I discovered muscles I haven’t used for a while. I was definitely out of practice even though I have been doing some basic stretches at home and have been doing my balancing exercises constantly (and not seeing any improvement yet ).

When we came to the relaxation at the end, I didn’t dare lie down. I was yawning constantly and my eyes were watering. I was sure I would fall asleep if I layed down so I stayed seated. When I went home I had a shower, put my PJs on, had a light supper and went straight to bed. I still didn’t want to get up this morning …

I still swear exercise is good for fatigue but I am waiting to feel the benefit lol! To think that when I first went to yoga I thought it was going to be lovely, gentle exercise …

Tracey xx

hi tracey

i used to love my yoga class but nowadays it really hurts when i bend my knees for tyhe child pose.

also downward dog is no good with my postural hypotension.

i seem to spend most of the session sitting things out.

the class has lots of older people and they seem fine. quite discouraging!

my favourite exercise now is hydrotherapy.

carole x

Hi Tracey,

Had the same experience with walking - as a proper, organised activity, I mean - not just around the house - when I didn’t do it for several weeks after my motorbike mishap.

When I went back to it for the first time, I finished the course - just - but was bringing up the rear the whole way (most of the others are at least 20 years older than me!), when I’m usually not at the front, but at least middling.

Also I was out of breath almost immediately, and found I could not walk and talk at the same time, which I always used to, and is part of the enjoyment - having some interesting talks on the way round.

After missing it for so long, I could just about manage: “Yes…” [pant, pant, gasp], “No” [pant, pant, gasp] - hardly a conversation. :frowning:

I’m quite worried, as I haven’t done it for ages again now - due to the appalling weather, this time, not injury. So if it finally stays dry enough long enough to give it another try, I don’t know if I’ll still be up to it.

It’s really depressing how quickly I regress, if I don’t practice, practice…

Well done for breaking the no-shows and going back to the yoga, though. I think the first time after a long absence is always the hardest.



Hi Tracey,

Don’t worry - your muscles will remember, eventually. The first class back is always difficult. I’m off salsa dancing tonight for the first time in 3 years. This could get rather ugly!! But class 2 should be better

Chin up hun

JBK xx

Hi Carole

Yes, my class has several older people and they can do so many poses that I have to adapt or do a halfway version of …

sigh At least I try

Tracey x

Hi Tina

I know what you mean. I love it when friends come over and we go for a long walk on the beach but I have to remind them that I can’t walk at their pace. It’s a good thing they are keen bird watchers and they stop every now and then to have a good look through their binoculars. I take the chance for a crafty perch on the groynes and recharge my batteries. I’m wondering how I’ll cope this year as we didn’t do any walks on the beach last year thanks to my relapses but I am keen to get back out there. It’s a shame to live so close to stunning scenery and not be able to enjoy it. I find it helps my walking when I have some company as I don’t think about my legs so much and just get on with it. Somehow that helps … until I get cramp :frowning:

Fingers crossed for better weather soon so you can get back to your rambles.

Tracey xx


Salsa dancing?! I’m yawning just thinking about that!! I hope you have a great time. I think if you enjoy something that is half the battle.

I’m rather good at chanting at yoga. Nothing wrong with my mouth muscles :wink:

Tracey xx