wheelchair ramp

hi folks hope you are all doing ok ?

sorry iv not been around for a while but ive had a lot going on !!!

i have just a wheelchair ramp fitted for later on i hope when things get worse

but what a mess i have had they found a burst under the drive thats been leaking for years and caused damp in the house !!!.

its been two weeks and its finnaly finished they have done agreat job and worked very hard but the stress has benn terrible.

plus my wife has been in hospital while this was going on so i had the cildren to contend with on school holidays (OMG!!!) LOL

whewwww time to get back to normality i hope now ( rant over )

take care everyone

regards mickx

Cor blimey Mick… it’s all GO at your house then!

Good for you for managing the kids!!! Not easy at best of times.

Hope your wife is ok and nothing too serious.

Once you get over it all you will be pleased to have wheelchair ramp… and is good they found the burst pipe eh?

Good to hear from you hon.

Remember, stress and MS do not go well together… so time for a chill-out Mick.

Take care,

Pat x

Hi Mick

Sounds a busy place at your house at the moment, hope your wife is

ok, and you are not too stressed out.

When things have settled down, I am sure you will find such a benefit

from your ramp. I know without mine I would be lost, as we had a huge

step to get into our bungalow, no good at all when you are in a wheelie!

Take care all of you


hi all

thanks for all the comments im sure i will get used to it soon enough lol

and yea my wife is fine it was nothing to serious

regards mick