Wheelchair insurance

Hi everyone!

Well the time has arrived to upgrade my trusty although very heavy, self propelled, one size fits all NHS issue chair, for a new whizzy, super lightweight, airline friendly number :slight_smile:

As this is a not an inconsiderable purchase (for me), I want to insure it, just incase it gets damaged or stolen. Has anyone got any advice as to who to use?

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I added my wheelchair as a named item to my house contents insurance. It’s insured outside the home (obviously) and added less than £1.00 to my premium.


I have mine with Lockton Insurance, fully comp £62. per year.

Hope this helps.

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I’ve got my manual chair covered through Fish Insurance (they specialise in disability stuff), £37 for the year including puncture cover. I’ve made a couple hefty claims on it for things that got broken & not had to pay any excess or seen my cover increase the next year despite making the claims. I’ve always found the customer service very good too, so I’m very happy with them.


See I knew you’d know :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. As soon as I have a delivery date, I’ll get my cover organised.


Hi folks.

Raising this thread to see if anyone has any up to date advice. Any changes worth knowing about? I have had the necessary specifications/adjustments done yesterday and now await delivery of my super duper Quickie Helium chair. I’m beyond delighted! However, it is manufactured in Germany and the factory closes for xmas so it will be January before I ave it. Of course I’ll want it insured and will check out house contents tomorrow to see about adding it. Just wondering if anyone has any experience?

Which chair?

I’m saving up for an electric segway type, but need a new manual one too.


I bought a lightweight folding one initially to use when travelling, but now need one whenever I’m going out. I bought a G-Lite Pro, which is fine but not much good for me to self propel. Still a bit heavy. I have now been assessed and approved by OT for the Helium. There is absolutely NO comparison and I’m so excited to be getting one. Incidently, my OT has begun the process to get me a motorised one too.

Sorry, should have mentioned I want to insure it in case of theft, loss or even damage, particularly when I’m away from home. I couldn’t imagine it having to be replaced.

My GLite cost €200, this Helium is worth €4000! I am eternally grateful to the HSE (NHS equivalent) for providing this at no cost.

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Hi Poppy. I don’t know how likely it is your contents insurance will cover the chair (mine refused it), but you’re better off getting a specialist one. Fish Insurance cover theft & vandalism, and accidental damage. Not sure about loss, though I’m not sure how you’d go about losing it :slight_smile:


Thanks Dan. I know it souds a bit strange(!) but I was thinking if it got “lost” somehow in transit at the airports or such like. :slight_smile:

Wheelchair insurance ! a cautionary tale. READ THE SMALL PRINT. I have a manual with an add on motor, which first of all I had to convince the insurers made it a power chair.

Took out accidental damage with Mark Bates. All okay. Now this covers you if a tree falls on you, a car hits you. It does NOT cover “electrical and mechanical breakdown”. Guess what happens the most with powerchairs? Yep - electrical and mechanical breakdown. So i was advised to take out an extended warranty, which i took out with Fish.

This July, i broke down in Lancaster while there to visit my daughter. (Turned out to be a charger problem but result = stuck with a lump of useless metal. About now, and following frantic phonecalls, I find out “breakdown recovery” is limited to 10 miles. Subsequent research has found NO ONE does recovery beyond 15 miles. Which is crap. The AA will recover a car whereever, probably a WAV but if you don’t drive the insurers will get you to the station, where DUH! you then have a broken down wheelie to get on and off trains! Alternative highly expensive taxi ride!

House contents? check the small print. does this cover the wheelchair when not in your house (where tbh most accidents/breakdowns occur) Holiday insurance should cover it in an airport.


Thank you for the reply. I shall certainly check small print with a fine tooth comb, with any policy I consider. I suppose there isn’t too much that can go awry with a non motorised manual one, but I’ve waited longingly for this expensive, dream chair (as I see it!) I would be so worried about loss/theft. Paranoid perhaps! :slight_smile:

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