insurers for power chair

Some brain picking here. Recommendations for insurers for power chairs. Already pretty peeved cuz standard policy does not cover “electrical and mechanical” (what happens with power chairs) well duh!! And also the much lauded breakdown cover has a limit of 10 miles…pretty shit really.


Perhaps contact NHS Wheelchair Services about a FREE powerchair. I have the mini Salsa Mine is on prescription for 5 years and includes breakdown/call out and maintenance. I have a number to call if anything happens. Worth investigating. You need to use one at home to qualify - but mine will also go in the back of a care using ramps etc.,.

NOT the question PJday. I have a manual with power pack. (not on NHS cuz its that thing, not a manual, not a power chair)

I am alos getting an off road jobbie. I’m asking about insurers.

And I’ll bet the breakdown cover has a limit of 10 miles. As I found out when visiting my daughter in Lancaster - I’m in the Midlands…

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I use Fish Insurance for my manual chair. I’ve had to make a few claims over the years, and they’ve paid out quickly, and the premium never goes up. It’s been totally worth it for me, as I’ve claimed for repairs that have cost hundreds.