power chair insurance

Hi all,

I’m finaly going to be able to get out and about next week when my new car with a hoist for my new Quickie Salsa. I’ve been reccomended to get insurance for it bbut where to start? Can anyone reccomend any company. What do I need to look for? The chair came from wheelchair services.

Sara x

Hi Sara I use a company called Fish for my tramper insurance. Worth a google!!! How are you? Linda x

I use Fish for my manual chair as well. They’re friendly, but to be honest don’t know how they compare to any other insurer.


Hi Linda,

I’m ok thanks. Bladder all happy thank goodness, yours? I’m in the process of applying for social housing as I can’t get my new chariot out of the house it will have to live at work which is a bit mad but there you go, better than nothing. Fish had a smart website and a reasonable price.

How are you?

Sara x

Ditto to above I use Fish too

I put my chair as a named item on my house contents insurance. It’s insured at home and away and added less than £1.00 p/m to my policy.


Hi Don’t know if it’s similar but I use Premiercare for my two scooters.

i have power and manual chair-both insured the same way as jane (wendels)