Insurance for my mobility scooter?


I am getting a new mobility scooter, it is on the way.

I’m about to start searching for insurance for it, but I thought I would ask you folks first if you have any recommendations?


I have my power chair insured with Lockton and it costs £62 per year fully comp.

Pam x

I use Fish Insurance for my manual wheelchair and am very happy with them - good customer service, and have quicly paid out on a number of claims I’ve made. It’s £36 for the year with puncture cover added, but don’t know how much difference it is for a scooter.


Hi Magnum
I sincerely hope you enjoy your scooter as much as I am enjoying my Mobby!

Iv’e got my Mobby with Premier Care insurance.
It was £199 for 3 years and covers public liability, theft, acts of vandalism etc. and up to 3 breakdowns each year via a freephone number.