Wheelchair and walker

Hi. I use a walker to get around the house and restaurants and the like I use a wheelchair which husband pushes for distances , I have been using walking sticks if I need to get around if have used the wheelchair when going somewhere , just balancing them on the feet pedal but no longer feel safe or supported with them. Anyone know how I could transport my walker on my wheelchair as he can’t carry and push me Thanks

Maybe time to get a powered chair? Could either lash the rollator to the back of it or your husband could push it while you wield your joystick.

No personal experience, but it is possible to get a combined model.

Rollator walker and wheelchair in one | Rollz Motion

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I have a Rollz Motion it is a very sturdy rollator which easily converts to a transport wheelchair. I use it outside and a lighter rollator indoors. It is brilliant for walking over grass, gravel etc as it has larger wheels. It is a transport chair so does not offer the comfort of a standard wheelchair but it gives me the opportunity to walk as far as I can manage before sitting. I would not want to be without it. There is a new electric version out which looks great but I feel it is expensive for a transport chair. The same money would buy a more comfortable chair but this of course doesn’t offer the two in one option.


Interesting! I’ve been wondering what to do if my wife and I visit e.g a museum . I can walk a bit but tire after 15 mins or so. Walking with a Rollator that then converts into a chair could be very useful. Thanks @whammel

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Hi! I totally get it, it can be tough to manage with mobility aids. Have you looked into walker holders or carriers that can attach to your wheelchair? That way, your husband can push you while your walker is safely stored. Alternatively, some wheelchairs have built-in storage compartments that might work. Worth exploring!