What's happening in my foot?

Hi everyone x. Just had a strange experience today, wondered if anyone else had experienced it. I ad my legs up on a stool as my ankles were swelling up. I was just deciding whether I needed to replace my toenail varnish ( I say me, but as I can’t actually do it anymore my daughter does it!) when I noticed my left foot seemed to have a life of its own! I suppose it’s the nerves doing their own thing but it looked just like an alien had invaded my foot, I couldn’t feel anything at all, something seemed to be wriggling about under my skin! I actually took a video of it on my iPad (sad i know!) asI know my family would probably just humour me, ddn’t matter as it is still doing it now! It’s “nice” to have a new symptom that doesn’t cause pain or make you fall over! Lilbill x

Hi Lilbill, I call it the ‘hamster under my skin’.

Get it mainly in thighs and sometimes in hands. Told my neuro and he told me the Latin name (immediatly forgotten) and said ‘it’s very MS’.

Luckily doesn’t hurt at all…

Pat x

I’m guessing fasciculations (when little muscles visibly move under the skin). I get them too.

Karen x