what's happening here

Yesterday woke up with horrendous pain in right knee - too painful to weight bear. (Done nothing out of the ordinary to bring this on.)

Pain gradually receded but leg still painful and very stiff but able to weight bear on it.

Is this neuropathic pain?


From my understanding nerve pain is a different sort of pain to “normal” joint/muscle/tendon pain.

My father has nerve pain in his toes after the nerves were damaged in his hip during an hip replacement operation.

He describes the pain as a severe sharp/shooting/burning/stabbing type of sensation, something, he’s says that feels completely different to “normal” joint pain ect.

He also has arthritis, which again he describes this pain as different again to “normal” joint pain .

Ask you GP if you can see a pain management consultant.

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I have a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy as well as MS, and would describe my pains exactly as jactac’s father does.

Maybe you should see your GP.

Hope it improves,


last weekend i woke with terrible pain in my wrist hadn’t done anything to cause it, think its the joy of ms! next day it was fine