Whats going on? ANGRY, help please

Hi all virtual family!!!

How you doing!!?

Well many of you know my story (I had a clear Brain MRI and a clear Cervical spine MRI)

That led my neurologist in our spanish NHS jeje told me to forget about MS… Ok…

As my tingling sensations especially in feet remain, I had an appointment with my GP yesterday, she told me in other words that I was mad and lived obsessed with MS… So the call was that, no responses to my tingling and she said that if I get instaneous tingling from my feet crossing my legs, just dont do It… Ohhh thanks for your elaborated response!

I have a private appointment 13th september with a neurologist… What do I have to ask him???

LP?(my scans were clear) Nerves conduction tests???

I get some pain in the fingers of my hands and feet sometimes but the most annoying sympton is tingling… And yes It behaves in that way, when I Cross my legs It appears from foot and begins to appear in my leg… Just put the foot on the ground and It goes away slowly… Also appears when I’m in bed…

Does it sound MS???

Yesterday was my anniversary with my beloved Sergio jeje and we went to arabic swimming pools which are veeeeeery Hot and the tingling did not get worse at all… So Heat does not affect It.

Am I mad? What do I have to ask to my neurologist?

LOVE to all, especially @Ssssue @alison100 @NorasMom @Crazy_Chick

Hi Sergio,

If it was my appointment with the neurologist I would ask “if this is not MS, that is good but I would really like to know what it is so that we can fix or manage whatever it is”

Wishing you all the best for your appointment.

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Heyyyy @Mogace LOVE to you too!!

How you doing??? Thank u so much for your answer.

Thats my mind, well its not MS ok… But what is It???


All good here thanks.
Lets hope it is something simple like a trapped nerve, and if not, something that can be managed well.
Stay lucky

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Sergio, my Iberian friend

Mick has given you an excellent answer.

I would expect the neurologist to give you a full neurological examination including all the tests I’m sure you’ve had before - reflexes, eye following, sensory tests (tuning fork, pin pricks etc).

Has the private neurologist seen your MRI scans? If not, maybe you could get hold of them on disc and send them in advance to him/her?

I’m not surprised that you were furious with your GP. The trouble is that the tests you’ve had so far seem to indicate that it’s not MS. Which is why Micks’ reply is so good. You do need to find answers for what’s been happening to you if MS is ruled out.

If this new neuro says s/he it doesn’t appear to be MS, will you believe it? The biggest problem with MS is that it presents differently for us all, so it’s not possible to say your symptoms do or don’t sound like MS.

Happy anniversary to you and Sergio.


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Hi my British friend jejeje :slight_smile:

My looooooved friend!

Yes my querida (dear) Sue I had a neurological exam, all perfect.

Well, I Will believe my neuro if he says its not MS… But the hard thing is not knowing what is wrong… I thought about peripheral neuropathy as my tingling disappears when moving a leg so It led me to suspect It does not come from spinal cord or brain (clear cervical and brain MRI too)

So … I just do not know…

Sue, dont know How It works in UK but in Spain (atlhough private neuros work in ‘seguridad social’ which is the Spanish NHS…) They do not have access to seguridad social files… So I Will have to tell him…

I know my dear Sue that is not the same for all… But its pretty pretty weird… I Will try to explain It in english, if I lay in my bed looking to the wall I only perceive tingling in the foot under the another one… If I look to the roof It is in both feet… And then if I walk (tired of trying to sleep) the sensation practically disappears…

It does not worsen with Heat … It gets better with movement… I just do not know…

What would It be more important according to you? To ask a LP… A lumbar MRI … (Neurologist told me was sooooo rare there was something in lumbar zone if cervical and brain are ok)…

Moreover there are a lot of conditions which share symptoms… And my GP just told me: live and dont read any forum…

Ohhh so many years at university to answer that …

I am going to reply using a colloquial English expression: ‘stop banging your head against a brick wall’. In other words, if the medical profession have decided for now that there’s nothing much the matter with you, it can be a good plan to just shrug and accept that, sparing yourself the pain of trying to convince them otherwise, an effort that would most likely be futile in any case. The reason it is likely to be futile is that trying to change doctors’ minds (once they’ve made their minds up) usually is futile in the absence of compelling new contrary evidence. This is because they do what all experts tend to do, they are more inclined to listen to each other than to you. Their attitude tends to be ‘What do you know? You’re a non-medical civilian and therefore a no-nothing.’ It’s not personal, it’s just what they do the world over.

So my advice is sit back, take a rest from your labours and see what happens. If you have something serious amiss neurologically, it will announce itself soon enough. If and when there is something definite and new wrong, that’s the time to seek further medical advice.

If you can, try to find a moment to enjoy the good news that the scans have not revealed anything sinister. That really is good news.

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Alison’s reply is wonderful. Try to believe that.

Don’t look for more tests, a lumbar puncture isn’t likely to tell you anything different to the MRI scans. Your symptoms may be annoying and frightening to you, but they are sensory symptoms - they vanish really quite quickly.

The more you practice ignoring the irritating symptoms, the better they’ll get. If they get worse rather than better, that’s the time to go back to the doctors.

In the meantime, if there’s a neurological problem, it won’t get massively worse by leaving it alone for months or even years.

Try to just enjoy being young, in love and happy with your Sergio.

Sue x


Haha I am spanish and pretty understand that english expression ummm translated would be like ‘deja de darte golpes en la cabeza con el muro’… Well surely you are right.

And yes It is fantastic the results from scans

I Will wait to 13th september …

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