Constant tingling


Im currently undiagnosed but waiting… and waiting for an appointment to find out the results from my 2nd MRI and full bloods which was done almost 7 weeks ago! My first MRI shown an area of faint demyelination in my cervical spine which the Neurologist said needs investigating.

I had made a diary of my symptoms as advised on here, which were mainly tingling in my feet and legs and at times feeling lightheaded and he didnt really seem that concerned. To be honest I wasnt sure if my head was playing tricks with me as since my initial numbness in my arm and MS being mentioned by my doctor, all I seem to have done is tingle! Its pretty much constant and where it is varies but usually always somewhere from my groin area down.

Would this be happening constantly if I did have MS?, its getting so annoying.

Thanks x


It sounds as though you need to get your hospital to get their skates on and sort out an appointment for your results.

Why not ring the appointments team at your hospital and make sure they have the referral in their system. They could then give you an idea of time scales for appointments. And if they don’t have your details in the system waiting for allocation of an appointment slot, phone your neurologists secretary.

It’s impossible to know whether your tingling is MS or not. It would just be a guess even by the neurologist without your scan in front of him/her. So it seems you have no choice but to wait for that appointment.

It really is a horrible thing to be suffering and waiting, worrying and constantly thinking about it. I do feel for you and hope the results come soon.