Early stages of diagnosis

Hello. I had a brain and spine MRI last November and last week I saw my neurologist about it. She wants me go for a lumbar puncture, more detailed blood tests and a repeat MRI and will review all in May. Some anomalies showed up in the brain and MRI scan. Possible MS was a surprise to me as I thought I had no symptoms. Since the appointment I have noticed I have been getting tingle / pins and needles in my left foot. I have started taking note of the times I have had these and if I have crossed my legs at the time. I don’t know if I am reading too much into things. I work full time job- that’s full on and I have 2 small kids - I feel like I am always tired.

I don’t know what I am looking for here. The waiting for review in May is frustrating.

hi letty

i find it useful to think of ms as an electrical fault.

it explains the tingling and the electric shock symptoms.

it also explains the weird walking and the bladder problems.

most people are diagnosed with RRMS and there is an excellent booklet available from this site (see publications and blogs in the orange banner at the top of the page).

the wheels of our NHS turn slowly, hence the wait.

meanwhile - rest as often as you need.

a long cuddle and story time with your kids will allow this (if you’re lucky).

cuddles are very therapeutic so have these as much as possible.

accept whatever help is offered, don’t let pride and independence stop you,

carole x

Thank you Carole for the post. No bladder issues. Today and yesterday, I have been experiencing motion sickness. When I left the neurologist last Thursday, I was telling myself - no i don’t have MS. Maybe I just never noticed the tingling before or just brushed it off. But I have noticed it every day now. I emailed the consultant today to say - well actually I do have these symptoms.

Hi Letty

One good thing about the appointment in May is that at least all the other tests should have been completed by then.

At least this way, you may have a wait for answers, but it’s better than having an appointment next month and still be waiting for the LP and MRI.

And if you have no major symptoms, then the time will go. I know that you’ve said there’s been some tingling / pins and needles plus motion sickness (could be a touch of vertigo?), but these will probably pass soon. Hopefully, apart from the tests, you’ll be able to park this worry at the back of your mind until the appointment.

Obviously, should you get any more serious symptoms, you could contact the neuro for a more urgent appointment.

Of course, you can come back here for anything you need to discuss / get off your chest. Someone will be happy to help if they can.