whats does the nuro letter mean?

Hello this is my first ever post …ever ever

I just need a little advice, I recived a letter from my nuro today saying a few things i dont really understand.

Little back ground … I have had bowel problems/incontance for going on 6 years now, they have now found a rectocele and weak sphincter but have still dont really know why…

moving on During this time i have weekly pains contstricting around my abdomen which is more than painfull… Labour was less painfull and i didnt have pain relife!!

About a month ago to top the lot off my bladder went caput and stopped holding… I am now on solifenacin which seems to have calmed it down a little.

Also to add in the mix I have developed leg spasams while resting my leg seems to do its own thing.

Now all this added together has resulted in me being seen by the nuro who was lovely… The problem i have is i dont understand the letter.

He is sending me for MRI’s of brain and spine. He belive’s my problems may be nurological not nessercery MS. Ok great we have a answer ish…

What im confuggled about is he says my refelex’s are brisk consistant with a spinal cord problem ( what could this be?)

Also Bilaterally brisk reflexs ( i thought this was good?) including finger jerks (whats this)

dont really know what he is talking about.

Anyone got any advice?

oww forgot to say im 26 years old if that makes a difference.

Thank you

ps im dyslexic to boot sorry about the spelling

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