Nuro surgeon rung

Oh god
Long story short the nuro surgeon has said he’s writeing to my gp requesting that I’m referred to a neurologist urgently. I questioned him about the weird tests he did, last time hitting my knees, ankles ect and what he was looking for. He said those tests showed that my brain wasn’t sending signals as it should be due to being irratated. I said could this be Ms but he said it was highly unlikely and could be a number of other things but wouldn’t elaborate due to it not being his speciality. He said I needed seeing as this was serious. So I’m left worried and scared if it isn’t Ms what’s wrong.

Had a little cry then put on a brave front when my son asked how I’d gone on. Like you do.

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Hi Paula,
It’s obviously understandable that you would be worried. But from my understanding, it would take quite a bit more evidence to make it sound like MS. Obviously it needs checking out and it’s good that they’re doing that. Still, he said it was “highly unlikely” (good), could be lots of other things (which might be preferable…) and in any case it’s not his speciality.
Can you find things to do that would really occupy your mind or help you to focus on something else?!

Thanks for reply
Hard to focus on something else when everyday you’ve some sort of symptom and feel crap it’s always, at the forefront of you’re mind.

Fingers x though I’ll see a nurologist soon if its urgent.