Whats best for pain?

Hi all,

Today I woke up, started to get on with my day as I try to everyday and bang I have never ever ever felt so weak and laim and in pain. So normally I just struggle on and something keeps me going but today I really cant get out of bed, I dont have the energy not even with my Amantadene to even get to the toilet.

If I cant walk I crawl but I cant even do that, my wife is being wonderful as always, really helping me but I hate feeling helpless.

I called my Nuro but shes not in for 2 days. I had Tramadol and codene in hospital but dont want to go to my docs incase they give me something the nuro doesnt want me to have. I could sugest the above but what do you guys thin

Nurophen plus hasnt touched the sides.

Pleaseeeeeeeee suggest something, and no bullet to the head is a bit too permenant for my liking

I should have added, my Kidneys feel like they have been kicked the s"“” out of, my back hurts, cant lift my arms I ach all over in places i didnt know could ach.

UTI or kidney infection? (And no, I’m not stuck in a loop, anyone who’s reading all the posts! UTIs are very common in neurological patients.)

Definitely see your GP asap and get it checked. Men very often do not exhibit standard UTI symptoms and they can cause havoc, symptom-wise.

What pain meds to try I can’t advise. You really need to see your GP. Don’t worry about him/her prescribing something the neuro won’t approve of - they will be careful (they have to be!).

Karen x

I was beginning to wonder!