what was `your` era?

80’s - 90’s for me.

I fell in love with Adam Ant (the first records I owned) when I was very young, then slowly turned goth when moving onto The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus etc.

Then into the 90’s I was deeply onto Nine Inch Nails (I still love NIN, my user name kind of gives that away) and tipped over to a more industrial phase that I never really grew out of and the rock was good with Nirvana, RHCP, the Smashing Pumpkins & The Pixies but also there was other indie stuff I loved from New Order, The Wonderstuff and The Sugarcubes. I still listen to Ministry at very high volume but hate sitting in a chair and not dancing to the tunes I love!

Sonia x

Try dancing with the chair. I do it all the time.


ls this you, AB ,doing your Christine Keeler impersonation.

That would be a good thread? i.e. what was the first record you bought?..rather embarassingly mine was 76 trombones, and even more embarassingly it was by Pinky and Perky!..I even used my birthday money + pocket money for it 4/6d I think it was, mind you it was an EP, can’t remember what was on the other side!

That’s probably because no one else will dance with you Ant. Still, I’m sure you and your chair will have a long and happy friendship, maybe more?


Born early sixties I grew up with the Stones, The Beatles and Elvis…but in my teeny bopper years I was a David Cassidy fan. Yuk on a stick…can’t stand him now but love was blind when you were 11.

David wasn’t so bad when the alternative was Donnie Osmond (and it was). I was a DC girl myself, Florence. David Cassidy in ‘The Partridge Family’ era was every 11-year-old girl’s dream come true (mine, anyway) - what a sweetie, and as pretty as picture.


I was an 80s Yuppie so… Pet Shop Boys - Go West.


I hope you are not involved with an underage chair, AD.

Ha ha haaaaa…my sisters are going to see Donny Osmond next month. He’s still going strong.


And mine was “Are Friends Electric” - Gary Numan and Tubeway Army - not the first record I owned (that honour goes to Peter and the Wolf (Prokoviev)/The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (Britten) which was bought for me by parents… I think Mum was pushing me to be musical from the word go!) but the first I actually bought with my own pocket money…

Every bit of the Eighties that I can remember.

oh man Poll

the trouble with getting older is that there are too many tunes stored upstairs (in my head).

always got an ear worm.

these are often tv ads from the sixties.

‘salt and vinegar. salt and vinegar, smith’s salt and vinegar crisps’!

bum bum bum bum esso blue!

the esso sign means happy motoring,

son thinks it’s a sorry state since i have good, cool tunes in there

argh! cool has left me, done a bunk!

carole x

Don’t be silly Carole. You’re still cool. You have a wonderful soundtrack to your life playing in your head. Obviously sometimes you get a nasty ear worm. (Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate Katy bloody Perry? Her singles just get stuck in my head and I can’t stand them!)

In general, I think of you as being way cooler than most of us in the ‘family’ of Foggies.

Your ‘cool’ may be on a small holiday just now, but it will be back.


The kids ask me why I listen to Smooth radio in the car.

‘Because, oh fruit of my loins, I know every word to every song. Can you do that with Capital radio?’

I discovered music in the 70s with a small dark green tranny given to me by a grand parent. So I’m a Tully. Alice Cooper. Dave Lee Roth. And every rock thing going, every folk thing going. Still the same. Currently the CDs in the car I have Too old to rock and roll, too young to die (Tull), Millionairhead (Ray Wilson). Crest of a Knave ( Tull again) Green Day, REM, TOP2 from the 90’s. Stiltskin’s In a Mind’s Eye. Maddy Prior’s Year


love it!

i loved jethro tull and still do but all my albums seem to have disappeared! (vinyl as well).

my son asked me what age i was when i started listening to music.

i said that i can’t remember ever NOT listening to it.

then i told him how all the kids in the street used to sit on the kerb with their own personal trannies,

i didn’t realise that the word “tranny” now has a different meaning!

he was sat on my bed at the time and almost fell off it,

carole x

My era?

Probably Skiffle … …and under the bedclothes with Radio Luxembourg, fading in and out - with a tranny of course.

Skiffle doesn’t really do it for me though, in the car you’ll find me listening to The Doors, Jackson Browne, The Boss, Led Zeppelin, Nils Lofgren, Dire Straits, Bob Seger, Blondie, Van Morrison, Pink Floyd … it’s a long long list but you probably get the idea.

I rarely listen at home - “Does it have to be that loud?”

Oh Carol, your so funny, you make me laugh and I can always do with having a laugh. We have students in work on their year out from uni, I suddenly realised about two years ago, I’m older than some of their parents. But do you know I can still remember been in their position. Well, last year I got one of them to explain some of the modern speak ( I’m only nearly 46) but I hadn’t a clue what he was on about. Suppose because I haven’t had children I’m not in the loop. Thing is I can’t remember what he told me and that was only last year. But their incredulous looks when I say we weren’t allowed calculators in school until secondary level and chalk boards and the teacher throwing the board duster block at you priceless. Brings back memories of my dad telling me about log tables and my incredulous looks.

I dont have a era if it could be danced to i loved cause i loved dancing i learned how to 2 step when i was 3 since then the love for dancing started.


chatterbox i had to use log books! it did my head in but my dad, who started work at 14, told me he could do them. and he could and he helped me. i remember the board duster. it was usually aimed at the rowdy boys at the front of the class.(they’d been told they had to sit at the front in every lesson). however one day i dozed off at the back, to be woken up by a cloud of chalkdust. the teacher apologised and said his aim was off, he was aiming for my head!