What type of pain is it?

Im undiagnosed but nearly everyday I have pain in my backside, down the backs of my thighs, in my calfs, in the arches of my feet an ankles. I’ve been told by neurologist that it’s sciatica & can last for 18 months but I dont buy this! The pain I have around my hips is the sort of pain that if I manipulate it, press down towards the bone it actually feel sore & bruised, is this a type of neuropathic pain? Does anyone know? Does it sound consistent with an ms symptom?

The neuropathic pain that we talk about is caused by the central nervous system rather than being physical so I would guess that it doesn’t really fit with what you say.

I would think that pain along that whole bum-feet pathway would be more consistent with peripheral nerves than central which would rule MS out, but I’m not a neuro so could be wrong.

Karen x