Anyone suffer from Sciatica? or is it an MS thing?

Hi Have been getting pain in left thigh for a while now -feels like back of thigh is twisted,get numb toes ,only some tho. If sit too long get pain in front groin area then stand and get the twisted thigh feeling.

It has now transferred(just today) to the right leg!! Pain in right buttock now but no pain in left leg now!!

Initially thought it was MS spasms numbness but now wondering if Sciatica.anaever suffered before so unsure tbh as symptoms could fit both. Tho couldn’t find the groin pain in sciatica symptoms.


Hi Gladys, I’ve got spasms in my left leg, no numbness but the pain in my lower back/ bottom is excruciating painful. Currently using an ice pack to see if that helps. I too don’t know if it’s me or ms! It’s hard not to put everything down to ms isn’t it?! No help I’m sorry but your not the only one. Sara x

I get sciatica now and again, last time was because I was walking a bit wonky due to right sided weakness. I always regard sciatica as physical, due to a trapped nerve I believe. Walking wonky will cause that! Which isn’t to say the sciatic nerve can’t be affected by ms as a separate thing I suppose.

Hi Gladys

The signs and symptoms that you are experiencing could be MS but it could also be a seperate issue. Groin pain isn’t a symptom of Sciatica as this nerve does not supply this part of the body, it could be the femoral nerve. You need to find what the irritation to the nerve is, it maybe from the back via disc/muscle or facet joint. Go see an osteopath or chiropractor and they should be able to rule out or in the possible causes to your symptoms and suggest a course of action.

Theres lot of self help videos and exercise but the more you know the better.