Am I in the wrong?

My doctors and neurologist all seem to think that MS does not course pain… Am I in the wrong area of UK or is this true?

Your doctor/neuro are wrong.

It was once believed not to cause pain but this advice is very out of date.

There are different types of ms pain and are treated differently.

The ms society have a publication on ms pain and so do the ms trust if you need advice.

see (publications) at the top of this page.

If you are in pain please do not suffer in silence. Have you got an ms nurse who you can talk to? or show your doctor/neuro those publications.

I recently had neuropathic pain in my arm and my neuro gave me medication straight away.

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As I understand it, neuropathic pain is well recognised.

Pain is a darn strange thing! It exists but you cant draw a picture of it! I read recently re pain and meditation-easily found in a search and an interesting read!

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I’m pretty certain mine causes pain.

But I too am having difficulty getting acknowledgement or recognition from my neuro, because he thinks it only causes neuropathic (nerve) pain.

Because my pain isn’t like that - I get mainly musculo-skeletal pain - he keeps saying it’s not caused by MS!

So I’m a bit worried now, about why I’ve got all this pain, that according to him, ISN’T due to MS.

My doctor is a lot more open minded, and says: “Pain is a complex thing, and we really still don’t know a lot about it.”

She doesn’t dismiss MS as the cause, just because it doesn’t fit a “textbook” pattern.


I think this did use to be a common view in the olden days. Are thay all 150 years old or something?

It is, of course, bollocks to suggest that MS does not cause neuropathic pain, as I expect you have good cause to know (as do I.)

Dunce’s cap for them.



That is total codswallop! Years ago, it was a common thought amongst doctors, but not now.

If it didnt cause pain, we wouldnt need the amitriptyline, gabapentin, baclofen, pregabalin and countless other drugs.

Seems all your other replies say the same thing.

If you are having trouble getting meds for pain, see if you can transfer to another neuro/hospital, eh?

luv Pollx

They couldnot be more wrong and need to go back to school


It certainly does cause pain I think many many of us can verify that.

They are wrong so wrong.

Rubbish. And I always quote something I learnt when I first started nursing “pain is a subjective experience”.


I can certainly tell you that my MS definitely causing me pain which is so difficult to explain to others what it feels like but is very real for me.