What shall I do ?

End of April I have an appointment with Health Assessment Advisory Service for what ever reason.

If I dont go I could lose my ESA benefit. Im F…D without it. I am a full time carer for my partner Dee who has Dementia and I can`t get anyone to cover if I go.

Any sensible ideas what I should do ?


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Contact your local council who will point you in the right place to go to get help. Or ask your local doctor if they know of a service that covers your situation… Hope this helps and you get someone to cover for you

ring social services and tell them you need someone to look after your wife,for a while,tell them you need it quite soon,i suspect you might have left it too late though,when is the meeting? the reason i ask is SS take a few month to just come out to assess.

Seek advice or assistance from a dementia charity or via Citizen Advice Bureau Good luck Adam

Hi Scudger

Look at Frequently Asked Questions | CHDA UK

Scroll halfway down th page and there is a question about exactly your problem.

Could be worth asking about a visit at home.



They did a home visit for one of my friends.

YOu need to ring them, and sometimes i think they can do it on the phone.

Ring them tomorrow and explain.

Do you not go out at all? Is there no one a friend or family member who could sit with her.