What’s happening to DLA to PIP transfer during this COVID crisis?

I have been waiting with trepidation for my DLA to be stopped and the PIP forms to arrive. I’ve heard nothing and am wondering what happens now during this COVID crisis. Does anybody know?

Thanks Flo

Hi Florence

I should think it will take longer, like everything else does.

however put your claim in and get help from CAB or Welfare Rights.

good luck and be careful not to lose the will to live!

I doubt your DLA will stop without a claim for PIP being refused.

Things are taking even longer with covid and telephone assessments are taking the place of face to face ones.


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When your transfer comes you will be sent forms (PIP) to fill in with a time frame for sending it back. DLA continues until a PIP decision is made. PIP at the moment is either a paper assessment or a phone assessment.

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The Benefits and Work website is a wealth of information and helped greatly with my transfer from DLA to PIP. Am sure you’ll find the answers to your questions there.

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