What is your experience?

Hello all,

Im due for a hospital appointment in a couple of weeks to discuss my dmd. I started rebif at the end of september last year. Im not having any problems with the medication as such but more the machine and doing the injections.

Im currently using the rebismart, and if im honest my whole experience with the machine has been unpleasent. I have awful reaction sites that itch for days after injecting, the injection only does part of it sometimes then flashes for me to move it to another area and finish it. I also have very painful injections to.

My ms nurse has suggested maybe changing over to the rebiject, so my question is has anyone else switched over and did you notice a difference, good or bad?

Thanks xx


When I was on Rebif the rebismart wasn’t available so I started out with the rebiject. Personally I wasn’t a fan as I found it punched the needle in quite hard, though that did have the advantage of it being quick.

I decided to brave it though and start injecting manually and I found that was much better. I was more in control so could move to another site if it felt like it might be a bit painful, and I also I could control how quickly I pushed the plunger down, so it was all a much better experience. I found it helped if I rubbed the area first to warm up the skin.

Hope you find a way that works for you.


Thanks Dan, I think im swaying more towards manual

Hi, I am on betaferon not rebif so hope you don’t mind me butting in. When I started betaferon you had to inject manually, it was so long ago there was nothing else available. Once the company did send me the manual injector (I didn’t ask for it, they just sent it to me) and it looked so complicated thati i never used it, just carried on doing it manually. What I am saying is that after the first few times injecting manually is very easy! Cheryl:)