New to Beta Interferon

Hi all. I’m soon to start Beta Interferon injections, and I just wondered how others got on with this treatment? Kaz xx

No problems at all, but the main thing is they have reduced relapses to next to nothing and that’s why you do it.

I use Betaferon and apart from flu symptoms for the first few weeks, I haven’t had any other side effects for the last ten years. Don’t be alarmed at the flu side effect, it’s only for a few hours after the injection and paracetamol controlled it completely.

The injections are easy with an Autoject. It means you don’t actually have to stick the needle in yourself, it does it for you.

Your MS Nurse will show you how to do it and keep an eye on things once you get started but best of luck and I hope it works well for you. It’s something positive you’re doing to help take some control over your MS and keep relapses to a minimum.


Hi Kaz, I started Rebif back in September this year, It took me a while to get used to the injections but I now inject without thinking. I do get some injection site reactions and I still have flu like symptoms after injecting, paracetamol controls the symptoms and I’ve found the cold pack applied for 10 mins after helps with the reaction. I also take it out of the fridge about 2 hours before administering it. I hope it all goes well for you. Jane x

Betaferon and I are old friends, I’ve been on it since 1996. You’ll be fine, the first time will be your worst, after that you’ll get steadily better and better at the injections. When I started on it there wasn’t an auto injector so I just do the injections myself. They’ll probably show you how to use the auto injector though. Good luck with it. Cheryl:-)

I had no probs with betaferon either - not even flu symptoms or injection site reactions - got used to it really quickly.

Good Luck x

That all sounds very positive. Thanks guys! Kaz xx

I started Rebif 5 montht ago and have suffered flu like symptoms ,can cope with that but cannot cope with the constant nausea ! Tryed anti sickness tabs . It s got that bad that Ive did my last injection last Wed , sickness has gone but not sure if Ive done the right thing .Got MS support nurse coming on Wed ,preparing myself for disapproval .