refib - talk to me about it please

I am in the process of choosing a DMD and have been given the DVDs on each of them to help me choose, and the info on this site about the different ones.

TBH its still pot luck, they all look scary to inject and have the same possible fluey side effects when you start from what I can see.

So after dithering for weeks, I feel like I am wasting time and need to get on with it and make a decision, especially as my ms has been active a lot this year after years of mild symptoms.

So last night I decided on refib based purely on the ease of injecting with the little injecting machine (forgotten the name).

What do I need to consider when choosing a DMD and how have you found refib? Anything else I need to know?

Any thoughts very welcome, thanks

Hi Morereasons Yes difficult decision to make. I am on Rebif. Basically as a MS nurse who I trust suggested it. Whether she was allowed to do this I don’t know. Rebif works for me. Injections sometimes sting a bit but nothing unbearable. Injection device Rebismart very easy to use. I am lucky as don’t get major side effects. Occasionally feel a bit rough but not often. Depression which can be a side effect I haven’t noticed. Good luck Hugs Min xx

Hi, the choice of which DMD to take is down to pot luck.

I’ve been on Rebif for 13 years and it reduced my relapses to one every 3 years. I haven’t progressed, which makes me a lucky woman.

The Rebismart is great to use, you learn which bits hurt more than others, but the injection time is only 10 seconds.

You will get marks, big red blotches, which sometimes become bruises, but to be honest, it’s a small price to pay for reducing the relapses.

I hope you have a great result from Rebif as well. If not, there are several more drugs to choose from - a great improvement from the late 1990s.

best wishes,

LP (it means lazy woman)


I’ve been on rebif and loved it but having to swap now as I’ve become depressed and anxious. I have had periods of depression and anxiety before though so maybe should have stuck to my guns and insisted on copaxone but I’d say if depression isn’t an issue for you (as in you’re not depressed now or have been in the past) then the rebif is a good one to go for. I wasn’t on it long enough to comment on how well it prevented relapses for me.