Dmds HELP for tomorrow

Help - I need advice whether to choose copaxone or rebif have to let ms nurse know by tomorrow haven’t a clue - pls help!! Thanks k

Awww Kel. It is a personal decision to be honest.

My experience was choosing which one fitted in with my lifestyle. I chose Rebif because you only have to inject 3 times per week, rather than every day with Copaxone. They all do the same things so have a nice long chat with your MS Nurse tomorrow, like I did, and she/he will give you all the advice you need to help you make the decision. (Along with all the good advice you will get on here of course).

Good luck for tomorrow.

Shazzie xx

hi kel

i chose copaxone because i didnt want the flu like side effects of rebif

so you can see that we all make different choices for different reasons.

good luck, dont worry you’ll be supported by your ms nurse as you make your decision

carole x

Thanks everyone I have been told that interferons are better than copaxone but people who suffer from depression shdnt really take interferons as they can cause deep depression and suicidal thought? Anyone know of this? Was told to me by ms nurse??

Hello, I have actually been on both rebif and copaxone and am now back to rebif. I came off of rebif because I took a lot of nurofen etc to manage the flu side effectws which in turn gave me stomach issues. The injections themself I found quite easy to do with the rebismart (little computer type injector). However the daily injections of copaxone were quite easy too, the reason I stopped this was that I had some bad reactions to them. After injecting I got an awful headache, chest tightening etc which I found really unpleasant. This fortunately doesn’t happen to everyone and only happened to me six months after taking them. But I had this a few times so decided to switch back to rebif and will just try and cope better with the flu like symptoms. I guess at the end of the day everybody is different and if you don’t get on with one DMD you can switch to another until you find the right one for you. Good luck. Sarah x

Thank you Sarah, do you mind if I ask do you suffer from depression? And if so did rebif affect u in anyway?

I do have ‘down’ days and I have suffered from anxiety a lot since my diagnosis, and I did wonder if that was down to the rebif as it coincided with it, but I came off of the rebif and still had anxiety issues. I think if you are prone to depression, then maybe it could make it worse, but if you have always been a happy person then probably you would be ok. But that’s just my opinion of course. It is a hard decision to make but I would also say that I felt while on rebif my ms symptoms definitely calmed down, but while on Copaxone I didn’t notice any improvement. Again this may just be coincidence.

Thank u x

Hiya, I am on rebif with the rebismart and have not had any side effects and do not need to take painkillers beforehand. Good luck with your decision Dawn x

Like you I was given 5 choices of DMD’s, went for Copaxone as there didn’t seem to be any side effects such as flu like symptoms or depression, it seems to be working ok although the injection sites can sting a bit.

Sorry, didn’t see this until today but just wanted to say I hope it all goes well today. I’ve been on Rebif for 4 years and, as it now doesn’t seem to be working for me any more :-(, I have to switch. Had tests to see if I can go on Gilenya but if I can’t then I will try Copaxone.

Good luck

Tracey x