Beta interferon

Hi I am newly diagnosed with relapsing remitting, consultant wants to give betainterferon alongside gabapentin. I am ok with gabapentin as already taking/tolerating it fine. Can anybody tell me what the beta interferon is like?

Hi Emma, beta interferon goes under the name of Rebif, I was on this DMD for quite a few years. The aim of a DMD is to reduce the amount & severity of any future relapses you may have. The drug is administered by injection, 3 times a week & it’s very easy to do yourself, your MS Nurse will talk you through it.

Hope this info helps, good luck

Rosina x

Hi Emma-Lisa. Betaferon is also an interferon, similar to Rebif, which I’ve been using for about ten years.

It’s injected every other day, reduces the frequency and severity of relapses and like all the DMDs, is best started early before too many relapses have caused damage.

There may be some flu like symptoms for the first few weeks for a few hours after the injection but paracetamol or similar usually controls that.

Don’t be alarmed about self injecting. They will show you how to do it and support you afterwards. I use an Autoject so I don’t even see the needle going in. It really is nothing to worry about.

Best of luck


Thank you so much val and Rosina I am worried half to death about it! I didn’t know about the auto inject that may suit me better as I hate needles!

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It does take a lot of the fear out of injecting. All of it actually! Apparently they were originally designed for children with diabetes. Some people get on OK without but I have never injected manually in all those years. Not that brave…


Hi Emma-Lisa

I also started on Betaferon in December. My brother, who is a doctor helped me for the first week, then my husband, then I took the huge leap of doing it myself! I was terrified of needles!! The first time I tried I sat with the syringe against my leg for 10 minutes, eventually ended up in tears and had to wake my husband to rescue me! Two months later, I am now doing it myself albeit still rather shakily!! Fortunately the needle is a very small one.

Personally, I just use the syringe as the recoil on the autoinject sort of takes the control out of the situation. As Val says though, it might help to lesson the whole “this is actually a needle going into me” feeling. Either way, this time next year I’m sure we will be wondering what all the fuss was about! :slight_smile: So be brave and hang in there!

Just two not so nice things about the injections - the first is the red, swollen, sore lumps on all fleshy parts of me (I’m sure I’m getting some funny looks when I swim at the gym!) and the second is the feverish,headachy yuckiness that has become every second day. Both of these things, however, I’m sure and I hope that my body and I will get used to!!

If the medication will truly slow down any progression as the Doctors say it does - then I will gladly put up with the comparatively insignificant side effects.

Good Luck! And just shout if you have any other questions!

Hi Emma-Lisa

Can’t offer any advice regarding Beta Interferon, I’m ppms. Just want to ask, are you the lady that was asking about blogs?

Good luck

Thanks century88 I have got until 4th March to decide what to do. Thanks for tips on what it is like I just need as much info as poss before I decide! Am not looking forward to it!

yes blossom it is me asking about blogs :slight_smile: