Rebismart, Auto-inject pen or manual injection?

Hi Hoping you can help. My ms nurse phoned the other week to ask if I had decided on a DMD’s. I said I would like to go with Rebif. She phoned again today to ask which injection method I would like. I said I wasn’t to sure what the difference was but was thinking possibly manual as I thought that may reduce chance of site reactions, from what I could gather. We decided to wait until I see her next week to talk about it but was hoping other rebif users could share their experience. I don’t mind the thought of self injecting (I think) but wasn’t sure how easy they were all to do. Thank you Mish x

Oops forgot to add I have looked at videos on decision website but didn’t really understand difference or benefits between them.

i use the auto-inject with copaxone. it’s easy and not too many site reactions. i still hate it though.

carole x

Hi there I use the auto-inject rebi-smart and it’s great. I have only slight injection site reactions (couple of red marks and occasional bruising). It is simple to use too. You don’t see the needle at all. And having to inject only 3 times a week isn’t so bad when you get use to it! I had a really bad relapse when i was diagnosed 18 months ago and haven’t relapsed so far. Fingers crossed it’ll suit you too! Take care, kx

The Rebismart is pretty cool, but a bit of a faff so manual injections are quicker. (I used to manually inject Copaxone and I’m assuming it’s similar.)

If you don’t like needles, the Rebismart is definitely the better option though - you don’t really see the needle at all.

The other thing that’s good is that it shows you exactly when your last injection was - you’re supposed to leave at least 48 hours between injections and if your memory is anything like mine…! (It has an alarm on it too, but it’s too quiet to be much good unless you don’t keep it on display on your coffee table :-))

It’s also easy to use - just a bit of a faff! Switch on… press start… insert needle capsule and remove cap… put against skin and press the green button… wait during injection… reattach cap… press button… remove cap and put in sharps’ bin… switch off (plus changing the Rebif cartridge once a week). It takes a lot less than a minute, but I’m not the most patient of people, lol!

The Rebismart cartridges also take up a lot less space in the fridge than my Copaxone syringes did, but then you use more of them so it may not be a fair comparison.

I’m not sure about site reactions. I used to get them every time with Copaxone (stinging and redness, occasional proper bruise) and I get them every time with Rebif too (redness / bruises). So manual vs auto hasn’t made any difference to me. I have changed the settings on the Rebismart to reduce bruising though so they aren’t so big or last so long these days.


Karen x

When i started my rebif a few years ago i used the rebiject (not made any more). They changed it to Rebismart. I got fed up with faffing around loading the autoinjector thing so now i manually inject. It’s very easy to do and i find the injection site reactions have not been as bad. The rebismart may be better though but have never used it.

I’m as impatient as Karen and find this the quickest way. Don’t start with this though if you are scared of needles.

Good luck!


The Rebismart is brilliant.

I injected manually for 11 years and then had no choice but to accept a Rebismart as the pre-loaded syringes weren’t available here anymore.

I moaned a bit about losing the choice, but after trying the Rebismart, I was hooked. I get smaller site reactions from the Rebismart. I inject in the morning so I leave the Rebismart by my computer so that I don’t forget.

I don’t have a problem with needles, but if I did, then I’d be okay. You never have to see the needle at all with the Rebismart.



Thank you for all your replies. I am not worried about needles so I may well go for manual. Just wasn’t sure if rebismart was mainly for use if injecting yourself was a worry or if there were other benefits to it. I guess the alarm would be useful, I’m a terror for taking my meds late if my routine is changed! Thanks again : ) Mish x