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Hi I was only recently diagnosed and as such have not seen my nurse yet. So days I find I’m waking up quite stiff and sore and other days I’m fine. It’s like this with other things forgetfulness real lack of motivation and something in a really foul and impatient mood. Other than this I’m fit and active. Is it fairly normal because I understand everyone gets affected differently or is it that I’m now just hyper aware of the smallest things?

Only you know what’s ‘normal’ for you.

MS doesn’t tend to fluctuate on a daily basis. A relapse is only counted as such when it lasts 24 hours or more and occurs more than 30 days since the last time you had that symptom. Generally relapse symptoms last a lot longer than 24 hours, weeks or months typically.

But don’t ignore the emotional aspect of being diagnosed with MS. It’s perfectly reasonable for be in a foul mood and to have other feelings like a lack of motivation because it’s a bloody big issue, being diagnosed with something like MS.

Lots of people recommend things like mindfulness meditation to help with getting your head round the diagnosis. I’m not such a great believer in such things, preferring a good night out and a large GnT to help my mood. But it’s whatever makes you feel happy; exercise, meditation, self medicating with chocolate, whatever thing floats your boat really.

If you are waiting to see your MS nurse, try getting his/her contact details and get the appointment made sooner rather than later. It might be that what you really need is to sit down with someone who knows what’s what with regard to MS and who talks it all through with you.


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Thanks Sue I guess I’m just taking a while to get used to things and maybe it’s still to properly sink in.

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Beyond doubt, it is totally normal to be hyper aware - of course you are! A chronic progressive neurological disorder dx has just mugged you out of nowhere - of course you are paying attention to what might be life’s next nice little surprise.

It is also totally normal for mood to be all over the place, and for much the same reason. An MS dx is one of life’s biggies; it is the equivalent of life elbowing you in the solar plexus. It might be slightly odd to be feeling totally cheerful and chilled about all that (but only slightly odd - as you say, everyone’s different). But any deviation from totally cheerful and chilled is - I promise you - TOTALLY normal.

The good news is that, over time, the style should settle down a little. In the meantime, please try to be kind to yourself. It isn’t one bit funny, this bit of adjustment, as any of us who have been there will know, but it will pass. Hang on in there.


Thanks Alison hopefully next week once I have met my nurse things will settle down