Symptoms vs relapse question

Hi again

I’m after a bit of help again, and sorry if this sounds a bit daft - up until my dx I’ve avoided reading up to much on things so now I’m feelIng a bit lost!

As far as I can tell, I’ve had two relapses so far in August and February, both lasting around one or two weeks with the worst, then tailing off over another couple of weeks. For about a day I felt 100% normal but now I’m getting stiff legs and spasms in my feet daily. Is this just the reality of life with MS? I definitely don’t feel like it’s a relapse as I can carry on with my life as normal, but I just don’t feel “normal” iykwim? Is it usual to get odd symptoms all the time? I know everyone’s different, but I had hoped I might get some periods of normality!


Hi Emma,

Hmmm, I pretty much always have stiff legs, and stiff everywhere else, mostly, even when not having a relapse.

However, if this is new for you, it still might be a relapse, as not all relapses have to be disabling.

What tends to happen is that, over time, recovery from relapses becomes less perfect, so the person is still left with some residual symptoms, that don't go away.

That might be what's happened to you, or it might improve again.  There's no way of telling - sorry!


Reality of MS is is no two days are the same and symptoms show themselves when they feel like it.The days change minute by minute.As time passes you may find you have a few more ticks n twitches,pain etc.In mild form it can simply be annoying.

Im not sure how to explain a relapse.What your describing does to me sound like a relapse.A relapse dont have to be so bad your laid up in bed for weeks.Having MS you can have milder symptoms such as spasms,ticks n twitches,mild pain,muggy head.I suppose when they feel worse for a few days or weeks then I suppose that would be classed as a relapse.A relapse may not happen for years or months or weeks,there is no sure way of knowing if and when they will happen.

If this happens again please go and see your GP,he/she can contact the neuroligist who can recommend any meds that may help you.Or your doctor can recommend medications.


Thank you both for your replies - I guess it’s just a case of trying to get used to my ‘new’ body and symptoms. At the moment I’m waiting to be allocated an MS nurse. Up to this point I’ve been covered by insurance so now I’m waiting for the NHS to do their job!

Emma it is such a change to all our lives.We have to learn new ways of doing things.Your MS nurse can help you and ask your GP about seeing an Occupational Therapsit.An OT can get you help that you may need,such as wrist and leg supports,crutches if needed even a stool that can be set to diffrent hights for things like when your cooking or washing dishes.

Every little helps.

Social Services can help some to,either if you get poorely you need help for a little while with personal care.Or life line even an intercom for your front door.

There are ways to get help were needed and of course we are all here to listen and advise were we can.

Just remember you are NOT alone,we are here to lend a listening ear.



Thank you Charlie. Everyone here is in the same or a very similar situations, so I think I’ll be sticking around for a while. I’ve just received a load of information packs I ordered from the MS Society, so I’m about to start reading up properly and then passing them onto the hubby to do the same. Hopefully I can start getting grips with things a bit better. X