what goes on behind your screen?!


am not asking-just want to give an example…

kids gone to school,switch on computer to check emails as usual but this morning one has really got to me. its from someone on here from whom i regularly get emails but this one has had a huge impact. today is going to be tough-uncle was in a serious road accident on tue,flown by air ambulance with multipe injuries,internal and external. today they are bringing him out of coma and will try to assess damage. theres not much hope that he will survive without machine asisstance…

thanks to champion and her timely email i hope to be able to ‘find the right words’ for his brother and rest of the family.

so to all the connections/friendships made beyond the screen-long may they flourish.

ellie x

hi ellie

yes we make good connections on the internet.

i have worried about a friend on here when she was having a lot of problems and i know that it works vice versa.

you sound like someone who has a lot of love to give and i’m sure that your cyber love will be welcomed.

(cyber) love

carole xxx

E,that is terrible for all concerned.Only time will tell,and I reckon you and everybody else can just be there for the family.When there is an outcome help and support will be essential,and I’m putting money on you being able to find the words

As for behind the screen, apart from a load of cables and fluff there are some lovely friendships made on the old version of this place.Chinesehamster in Sheffield and her family, who I’ve met three times. E-mails and the very odd phone call keep things there. Then there is Wonkywoman,near Bognor Regis, who I’ve met just the once,but we always have three games of Lexulous on the go,and pretty frequent phone calls.

These friendships are important to me,as are the ones where we haven’t met just yet.And don’t forget your good self and H are getting a visit when all the flesh concerned is approaching the strength of the spirit. 70% is about right.

Here’s hoping for a good and timely outcome

S xx

That’s a tough day. It suddenly gives you a wake up call about what and who really matter.

hiya all

just to say thanks to all that phoned and mailed me.

sadly uncle died about half an hour ago.

ellie x

Very sad to hear your new Ellie.

Pat x

Ellie I am so sorry for all of the family.I know it doesn’t help much,but it could have dragged out for a long time with the same outcome.Time will help everybody,but he’ll never be forgotten.

Steve xx

My thought are with you & your’s xxx


the funeral is tomorrow-and i cant go

have been floored with the cold for past 2 days-dont want to pass this lurgy on.

have just been visited by his brother to whom i gave a donation for the collection for the air ambulance-at last uncle will rest in peace.

ellie x

I’m so sorry things have panned out this way ((((( Ellie )))))

I hope tomorrow’s funeral - which will no doubt occupy your thoughts all the more because you’re not there - will bring you some tranquility (not quite the word I was searching for, but close).

Lolli xx