my friend

Hi, my friend who meant the world to me has been in touch. I can really tell its monday. What with work and my friend I want to admit defeat, wave a white flag and go back to bed. My friend said he doesn’t know when he will see me again or if he will. Said his mums really happy to have him home and his dads happy that his mums happy. He’s thrilled that he’s making them so happy. Apparently he is still having problems with his foot and talked about his work. I really felt like screaming at him ‘I don’t care, tell your loving family about your problems’ I didn’t. And I’m angry at the way he’s hurt me and doesn’t even care. When I said I’d missed him he just changed the subject. Wish I was stronger.

Oh, Tonka, I’m so sorry. He doesn’t deserve you. Surround yourself with loving people who do care about you and try to have a good time without him. Slap a smile on your face and in time it won’t be a fake smile. Do your best to forget about him and make a new life for yourself. Stay strong and don’t let him hurt you again, I’m sure there will be someone better for you if you can just ‘let go’ of this one.


Tracey xx

Hi Lynn,

I wasn’t having a very good day yesterday either. I wrote a long reply to this, but then lost it. Not the site’s fault for once - stupid *&^!"%$ iPad!

Anyway, I can’t remember my exact thoughts, but they were certainly along the lines he’s no knight in shining armour, if he has the cheek to call to say he’s not sure when or if he ever wants to see you again. It’s cruel to phone with no other purpose than that - NOT what a proper friend would do.

I wish you were stronger, too. Are you supposed to be grateful he hasn’t yet said a definite no, and wait on his decision? You have choices too! Perhaps it’s time to tell him he’s lost the option? If he’s that lukewarm, and has the barefaced cheek to come right out with it, regardless of your feelings, why should you keep massaging his ego by letting him know you’ll wait?

You deserve better than someone who thinks they’re doing you a huge favour by consenting to someday consider seeing you again…maybe. What’s so exceptional about him, that can excuse this?

As for all the “happy families” business, well (a) it’s not your problem, and (b) I’ve a strong suspicion it’s bllx.

I don’t know how old he is, but I imagine him to be about fortyish. If I’m right, or even close, what bloke of that age is genuinely delighted to end up living back with Mum and Dad? Somebody’s trying to put a positive spin on something that was not his choice. That’s my take on it, anyway. I’m reading: “I’m broke, and have had to move back home…” Maybe I’m way off with that, but it does seem strange for an adult male to move back in with his parents, unless something happened to force it. For most blokes, it would be a huge loss of prestige, and a backwards step. Unless he really is such a mummy’s boy that he never wanted to leave home in the first place? In which case, 'nuff said. You’ve got a child; you don’t need another one.



Hi, dont bother phoning him again. He`s not worth your time and oh so precious energy hun.

I know it isnt easy for you to forget someone you care about, but his caring for you isnt there, is it?

It hurts like hell when a close friendship ends and it is never easy to move on, but with time, your strength will grow and I hope you meet a new person who is deserving of you.

luv Polllx

I agree with Poll,dont let it upset you,hes so not worth bothering about,i have a couple of so called friends that did the same,and do you know i dont miss them,not even for a minute.

hun - that is not how a real friend behaves. I do think Tina has a point, no-one really wants to move back home unless they have no choice (a sick parent or finances etc) but to say he is happy about it, sounds very false.

It will probably take a while to get it all sorted out in your head but you will and you will be surprised at just how strong you can be. I’m sure you have other friends you can devote time to and if not you need to go out and find some. if he doesn’t want to see you again why should you put up with his stupid phone calls. He is not worth another second of your valuable time.

Take care hun - don’t admit defeat.

Big hugs

JBK xx

thanks for the support, just trying to think of ways to forget him.i definately need to stop the chocolate as a replacement.