What fresh hell is this?

Hello gang… well to add to my tinnitus which drives me nuts I now get a ticking sound in my ear… like listening to a watch ticking.

Trawled the internet & learnt that it’s not part of the tinnitus, but is in fact a muscles spasm of the inner ear!

Oh joy… Something else to ‘learn to live with’…

Apart from that bit of news… having a restful day… BUT I did manage to do some laundry so at least achieved that much.

Someone put on my facebook the other day "Don’t you just love those 12 seconds a week when you have NOTHING in laundry basket’!!! SO true and I live on my own!

Love to you all,

Pat x

Sorry about your ear Pat - it sounds really annoying and frustrating. Hope it doesn’t interfere with sleep! I’m sorry but I never get an empty laundry basket - not even for 12 seconds. That’s one of the things you live with when you have four sons who do sport, I guess! Take care, Teresa xx

So true Teresa… four sons must make a hell of a lot of laundry!

My sister has three daughters. When the youngest was about 6 they moved house & my sister got down to the bottom of laundry basket for first time in years. There were baby clothes at the bottom! She said she shed a tear as they still smelt of baby.

There are advantages when the kids leave home… MUCH less laundry!

Pat x

My eldest is going to uni in the autumn - no doubt he will come home at Christmas with every item of clothing needing a wash! I love the story about your sister - I can imagine myself finding the same sort of thing! Teresa xx

Hi Pat, sorry to hear about that ticking noise. It would drive me mad . Hope it clears up. Tim

Dear Pat, what a bloody shame not sure what Smiley there is for empathysoandIt’s raining here and freezing, I’m not sure about the laundry basket but I have 2 full (airing) horses and my basket is hiding!! Take care, guysM

Dear Pat, sorry to hear about the ticking M